Caroline Quintens


Caroline  Quintens

Wie is Caroline Quintens?

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As a creative person, today, there are hundreds of ways to express yourself. For me, however, there is only one way to do so. By using the four ancient elements, I feel connected with my work as if it were a part of myself. It’s the touch of the earth, the warmth of the fire, the movement of the water and the smell of the wind that shape everything I make.

Like music, the clay has a rhythm of its own. It moves and dances its way around the oven. For the earth to come alive, you have to let it go. The surprise that comes with giving up control is what excites me every time I’m heating up that oven.

In my work, I challenge myself to give meaning to emotions. It’s always about understanding life in a bigger picture and looking for what lies underneath. Once I feel what is right, it’s all about translating that feeling into its purest form with natural materials, pushing the boundaries of those materials while doing so.