Sylvie Janssen


Sylvie  Janssen

Wie is Sylvie Janssen?

Sorry, deze tekst is er alleen in het Engels!

First attracted by drawing and painting, sculpture gradually appeared to me as obvious.
Today I devote myself exclusively to it, it is my only artistic expression.
I participated in various artistic workshops and I graduated from the Academy of Braine-l'Alleud (Belgium). This cursus allowed me to approach different materials: stone, wood, steel, plaster... Clay is however my favorite medium because it allows to give rise to the expression of Life thanks to my hands.
Earth is rich, renders nuance and allows all expressions. My work is figurative. The Human is at the center of my creations: the human body, faces and attitudes. Capturing the experience, the feeling, following the path of wrinkles and expressions to find the path(s) of a life are the very essence of my work.